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10 inspirational ideas to refashion your old clothes, accessories and home goods

Save money and the planet by consuming less and refashion what you already own into something new and exciting.

10 inspirational ideas to refashion your old clothes, accessories and home goods

Here are 10 great ideas to inspire you on ways to refashion your old clothes, accessories and home goods. If you aren't good with a sewing machine you will need to get friendly with you local tailor (or jeweler) or you can reach out to us at SPUNJ via our Sustainable Styling Services to help you decide what to redesign and how.


Ulla Johnson

There's nothing worse than pulling out your favorite sweater and realizing that it has been eaten by moths. You could pay a lot of money to have it rewoven or you could make them into something new and beautiful.  Take all your old sweaters, hats and scarves and make them into something like this sweater by Ulla Johnson. If you aren’t a knitter, call your local knitting store and ask if they know anyone who could work with you.



Have a bunch of jewelry you never wear?  Repurpose them into a new necklace, bracelet or earrings.  You could easily do this yourself with some pliers, wire or string and a clasp all of which you can get from Michaels. If you don't have the time or the patience you could call your local jewelry repair shop and have them do it for you. We took a vintage multi-strand freshwater pearl necklace and made it into a simple choker that is perfect for layering.


Blue of a Kind

Do you have jeans that are just a bit too small to ever realistically wear again? Take two pairs and make them into one.  You could mix more than one color of denim. The brand Blue of a Kind has lots of creative ideas on how to combine and upcycle denim.



Sheets, napkins and tablecloths are endlessly getting stained but don't have to throw them away. Cut out and discard the stained sections and save the rest to make into something like this bandana by Anchal.  Use it as a double mask over your K95 or as a pop of color to your outfit to brighten up your day.


Chopova Lowena

Take all of your old flannel shirts and blankets and make them into a new statement piece like this fabulous skirt by Chopova Lowena. Wear this with a simple black turtleneck and boots to dress it up or with a t-shirt and sneakers to wear on the weekend.


Do you have a closet full of old suits that you spent good money on but don't know if you will ever wear again? Give them a new life and turn them into separates that you can wear with a t-shirt and jeans like this blazer by one of my favorite brands, Teatum Jones.  This is three jackets combined into one by one.



My husband is constantly getting holes in the elbows of his shirts so he can then no longer wear them to work. Make them into a patchwork shirt or dress that you can wear anywhere like this upcycled one by etica.

Towels and Blankets


Towels are something that we go through A LOT of. They get bleached, stained and shredded from constant use and so many cycles in the washer/dryer. Cut them up, keep the good bits and make them into something else like this organic cotton Terry cloth pillow on Etsy.  You could do this with your blankets and bedspreads and use the front and back of the fabric to create something like this Missoni pillow.


Chopova Lowena

Somewhere deep in your closet you have that brides maid dress that you spent a lot of money on and never wore again. Or the dress that you bought thinking you would find somewhere to wear it to someday but never did. And, of course, we all have the dresses that we LOVED for one season and then not so much the next. Figure out what silhouette you want and combine them to create something new and fabulous like this one by Chopova Lowena.

Anything, really

Jonathan Cohen

This gorgeous patchwork coat by Jonathan Cohen could be made from just about anything and shows how something beautiful can be created from completely random patterns and colors.

The sky is the limit! All you need is your imagination, some time and not a lot of money. For more inspiration on how to redesign old clothes look at the wearable art designed by Refash Studios or Rave Review




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