About SPUNJ Sustainability?

SPUNJ is named after the sea sponge – a small creature that has outsized benefits to its environment. Sea sponges filter water, collect bacteria, and process nutrients critical to the survival of other organisms. They are regenerative, highly adaptable and are an integral part of maintaining ocean environments- what we at SPUNJ aspire to do!

At SPUNJ we sift through thousands of brands and products to find ones that meet our strict criteria for sustainability: production methods that are energy and water efficient, using no harmful chemicals. We seek out products made from materials that are natural, regenerative and recycled. We look to ensure the makers are paid a fair, living wage and work in safe conditions. Our final filter applies a keen eye for great design with a broad appeal across varied tastes and levels of affordability. All to bring you guilt free style, valuable information and a way to make your purchases count toward a sustainable future.

About the Founder

SPUNJ Sustainability is the brain child of fashion stylist, Sarah Parlow. During her career working with major brands, celebrities, athletes and business leaders Sarah saw first hand the devastating effect mass production has on the environment and the exploitative labor practices of the fashion industry. Most concerning was the increase in synthetic materials, the amount of waste generated from packaging and the disposability of everything being consumed. After much research, her concern grew into a simple conviction that we as consumers can drive change across a products life cycle. This became the impetus to create SPUNJ.

Portrait of Sarah Parlow Fashion Stylist

The Conscious Credos

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Sustainable Material
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