Affordable Sustainable and Ethical Brands

One of the biggest misconceptions about shopping for sustainable clothes is that they are way more expensive. While it is true that the extra steps taken to pay employees fair wages, ensure safe working conditions, and use natural, renewable fabrics means extra costs but it doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to shop ethically or sustainably.

Large brands like Zara, H+M, J.Crew and Hanes have eco-collections that are no more expensive than their regular lines because they are able to produce mass quantities which drive the price of each unit down. The downside is they often have lower levels of sustainable fabric content and can be vague their labor practices. You will pay a little more to buy from smaller brands that are completely transparent and ensure 100% renewable materials and fair trade practices but they are not unaffordable.

2-Pack Organic-Cotton Boxer Briefs
$19.00 $10.00
Colorful Standard
Classic Organic Crew
Zara Joinlife
Cropped Sweatshirt
HM Conscious Collection
Jersey Top
Fair Indigo
Jogger Pants
Men's Modal Elevated Tee
$14.00 $5.60
& Other Stories
Straight Mid Rise Jeans
Sur Sweatpants
Dearborn Denim
Tailored Fit Dark Wash V2
$65.00 $58.50


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