The Best Vegan Sandals For Summer

Radical Yes

Radical Yes’s Neptune Athletic Sandal is made from vegan Eco PU and is on sale right now for only $99.


Rafa’s Flex Sandal is made from recycled vegan textiles and is handmade in Los Angeles, $220.


Abury’s Raffia Slippers are handmade in Morocco through Fair Trade practices. The heel is made from recycled plastic and Abury donates 50% of profits to social projects through the Abury Foundation, $150.

Dr. Marten’s

Dr. Marten’s Vegan Gryphon Gladiator Sandals are unisex, $130.

Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown’s Circle Mule is made from raffia and sustainably harvested beech wood and has a cork covered recycled fiber insole. It is handmade in Portugal and on sale right now for $95!


Birkenstock’s Arizona Platform is made from Birko-Flor a synthetic, vegan leather and has a cork-latex footbed, $99.95.


Nomasei’s Hotel de la Plage Mule is made of neoprene, cotton sponge lining and bioplastic (made from organic waste such as corn and beetroots), $140.


Matisse Footwear’s Sunshine Sandals are made of raffia which is not only vegan but biodegradable, $35.

Native Shoes

Native Shoes Spencer LX comes in men’s and women’s sizes and are recyclable through Zappos for Good, and they’re only $25!

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat’s Men’s Levos Slip On Sandals are sleek, simple and vegan, $90.

The Best Vegan Sandals For Summer
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