Women Exercising Power

For this Table Talk we spoke with three female entrepreneurs about their sustainable brands and the impact they are having on people and the planet.

Women Exercising Power

Table Talk is a collaboration between SPUNJ founder Sarah Parlow and NextGenChef founder Justine Reichman to find sustainable solutions for both the Food and Fashion Industries. We invite guess speakers to talk about how we can make both industries more innovative, regenerative and transparent. For our fourth talk we invited the female founders of two companies to talk about how they are building their sustainable, regenerative brands. Find out about the guests and see the link to watch the full talk below.

Noel Graupner

Justine Potashnik

Noel Grauper and Justine Potashnik are the co-creators of Nature First laundry pods. Noel is an Ayurvedic practitioner and Justine is a serial entrepreneur who’s last endeavor was the beloved boho brand Bo’em. On a trip to India they discovered the soap berry, a fruit that grows on trees that has been used for centuries to wash clothing, hair and bodies. Inspired by the effective and non-toxic way to wash nearly anything, they created an all natural laundry pod with fully compostable, biodegradable packaging.

Marie Eiffel

Marie Eiffel is the founder of Marie Eiffel Market, a cafe and marketplace and co-founder of Simms, a clothing and home decor store, both on Shelter Island, NY. As an advocate of small, sustainable production Marie has been expanding her line of organic, handwoven clothing for men, women and children, supporting small local farms and supplying artisanal foods.

The Talk


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