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ReFash Studios

Kelley Hoffman is the guru of reimagining vintage clothing and turning it into something new. She is the founder and designer of the brand ReFash Studios and we spoke to her about her process, what inspired her to create the brand and her love affair with fashion.

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Scandic Botanica

No matter whether you are a Suecophile (lover of all things Swedish) or not, you will love Scandic Botanica’s line of all natural personal care

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Nature First

SPUNJ sat down with Nature First founders Justine Reichman and Noel Graupner to hear the story behind the brand and the laundry detergent pods that

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Public Goods

Public Goods founders Morgan Hirsch and Mike Ferchak met at a bar in China.  They were both there exploring opportunities.  Ferchak had a background in

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Plant Alchemy

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is committed to promoting all natural, small-batch, plant-based remedies that they produce in collaboration with small farmers and herbalists in the US.

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The Cost of Doing Business

There is so much to be thankful for on Shelter Island: it’s untouched, natural beauty and the dreamy energy it exudes. The dull hum and gentle sway of the ferry you must take to enter washes out the energy, noise and odiousness of New York City, where a lot of it’s part-time residents hail from.

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