All Natural Coloring Kit Set - Small


All natural, non toxic crayons made without paraffin or clay.  They contain 100% Natural Beeswax from Germany.  No Plastic, No Paper Wrap, 100% Plant Leaf Wax with COLORJEU’s patent-protected technology.  Each kit comes with 7 universal crayon colors and 8 unique coloring pads.      

Designed 30-60-90 round triangular shape to fit children hands perfectly

Small Specifications
The small kit contains 4 sets of colors.
Tin case size: 3.2″ x 4.4″

Made with FDA approved pigments for food/drugs

CPSIA and Prop 65 Tested

Made in Korea



The Brand

Founded in 2016, Color Jeu makes all natural ergonomic crayons out of beeswax + plant leaf wax. COLOR JEU wants to enable creativity in children with a focus on safety (no industrial chemicals in the crayons). The crayons are ergonomically designed - each has a 30-60-90 degree angle -- for easy gripping and a perfect fit for children's hands.


Logo + Visual Identity

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