Laundry Pods


Made with soap berries & aloe vera

Nature first by aiure has uniquely concentrated and formulated the soap berry’s highly-functional botanical saponin surfactants into ONE effective, economic, convenient, stain-removing-fabric-softening laundry detergent pod that is completely safe for our bodies, water and ecosystems. Our laundry solution washes fabric and sanitizes the laundry drum, too, leaving no residue on washing machines, linens, and skin or in the water, soil and air.

Wild-Harvested Berry Concentrate™ Nature First by aiure’s soapy extraction from Sapindus mukorossi fruit
Sodium Carbonate intensifies cleaning
Sodium Percarbonate cleans, brightens + removes stains + odors
Sodium Silicate removes water hardness + prevents mineral deposits on fabric
Silica keeps powder formula soft
Non-GMO Enzymes removes oil, starch + protein-based stains
Aloe vera softens fabric
Polyvinyl Alcohol biodegradable pod material

Note that natural ingredients may vary in color and texture.

The Brand

Sometimes fate leads you on an unintended path. Such is the case with Nature First founders Justine Potashnik and Noel Graupner who discovered the soap berry in India while dying fabrics. They were looking for a detergent that wouldn't harm the dye or the fabric they were using and discovered the local tradition of using soap berries from the Sapindus mukorossi tree which are used in India, Nepal, China, Japan and by Native Americans to clean homes, fabric, bodies and hair for thousands of years.  They are hypoallergenic, pH balanced and all natural. In 2008 a German study found soap berries to be as effective as chemical surfactants (soaping agents) in detergent applications. In fact, less soap berry saponins were needed to achieve the same level of clean – just 1.5% of the formula compared to 14.7% of synthetic surfactants! You can use it on any kind of fabric: cotton, silk, wool, linen, cashmere, and technical fabrics. And the packaging is completely biodegradable after 89 days and will leave your laundry water safe to water your plants with so there is no chemical fun off.


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