Re-engineered Sheer Lace Bow Dress


This sheer lush green goddess dress has a deliciously daring yet sweet and flirty peek-a-boo vibe.

Measurements: 36″ chest, 33″ long.

Approximately a size Small.

Oversized mixed-print tie bow with dramatic 3D embroidered floral corsage.

Tweed Pockets.

Each pieces is repurposed vintage and one of a kind.

ReFash Studios
ReFash Studios founder and designer Kelley Hoffman is the guru of reimagining vintage clothing. A collector of vintage pieces for many years, she can turn the most outrageously outdated item into the most incredible show stopping piece. Based in St. Louis, MO, her mission is to make you fall in love with her pieces that she describes as Art-to-Wear, instead of the typical Ready-to-Wear.  She creates for both men and women and everything in between.


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