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Short Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt

This beautifully made vacation shirt is inspired by the geometries of Moroccan weaving and makes a bold statement. A short sleeve button up made with some of our most premium fabric, it's perfect for looking fresh while cooling down.


Crafted with premium fabric and finishing for the Levi's® Made & Crafted® collection
Moroccan-inspired geometrical pattern for bold style
Rounded flap pocket at chest
Reverse-cut shoulder plaque
100% Cotton

About the Brand

In 1991 Levi Strauss & Company became the first multinational apparel company to launch a comprehensive code of conduct for all contract factories and licensees. The Terms of Engagement set out ethical standards, legal and environmental requirements, community involvement and standards to address child and forced labor, disciplinary practices, working hours, wages and benefits, freedom of association, discrimination, and health and safety.  Today they are working on reducing water consumption, chemical use, introducing sustainable fabrics like Lyocell. Levi’s has been collaborating with the International Finance Corporation, a World Bank institution, to help its factories and mills reduce their energy and water use.

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Short Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt


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