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Springbok Horn, 18-karat Gold, Turquoise

Springbok Horn, 18-karat Gold, Turquoise

The Karoo collection is Okapi's first fine jewelry collection comprised of our signature Springbok Horn, an African talismanic charm believed to bring good luck to those who wear it. The springbok horns are prepared by hand and polished by local artisans in the Karoo region. The opening pendant takes inspiration from traditional African healers known as Sangoma who would carry herbs to wade off negative energy within the springbok horn.


Springbok Horn, 18-karat Gold, Turquoise

About the Brand

Founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2008 by Hanneli Rupert, Okapi is an African luxury lifestyle brand. It is named after the antelope. They source all of their materials in the Western Cape of South Africa and also do 100% of their manufacturing in the area to promote and elevate heritage craftsmanship whilst also creating sustainable job opportunities within local communities.  Their materials are by-products of the free-range farming industry in South Africa.

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Springbok Horn, 18-karat Gold, Turquoise

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