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3rd culture project throw red duafe

Throw - Red Duafe

The Duafe throw is woven in Turkey with a pattern featuring the Duafe (wooden comb), which is the Adinkra symbol of beauty and femininity. Adinkra symbols originate in West Africa and have been used in African visual arts since the 12th century. The chintemani circles integrated into the pattern represent power, force and courage in Turkish decorative arts. Their roots lie in Asia, where they symbolize the three virtues of the Buddha.


100% cotton throw blankets are perfect for adding an accent of color to your home.

Size: 145 x 190 cm

Material: 100% cotton, fringed ends

About the Brand

3rd Culture is an Istanbul-based decoration brand and concept store by product designer Zeynep Lale Rende and photographer Emre Rende.  All of their products are produced by local artisans and craftsmen in Istanbul's historic Beyoglu neighborhood.

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Throw - Red Duafe


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