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Vegan Gryphon Gladiator Sandals

Felix Rub Off is our vegan synthetic material. Made using absolutely no animal products, and designed to imitate the real thing


Vegan-friendly. A synthetic material, which is soft and supple, and has a subtle two-tone finish.
[Rub Off] = Clean Away dirt using a damp cloth, allow to dry apply a clear wax based shoe polish to restore shine as desired.

About the Brand

Dr. Marten's boot was born on April 1st, 1960. A young Dr. Klaus Maertens created an air cushioned sole to aid his recovering broken foot in 1945 and years later partnered with a six generation British shoe company to create the infamous black boot with yellow welt stitch and two tone grooved sole edge. Originally worn by postmen and factory workers the boot became synonymous with the British working class but was later adopted by skinheads, goths, punks and then grunge culture, it became a symbol for an anti-establishment, underground ethos.

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Vegan Gryphon Gladiator Sandals

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