Dark Green


Light Green






Dark Green #1A292D

Light Green #2DB88A

Citrine #DFE547

Sand #FEF9F1

The Dark Green color is used for all text and any layouts with a darker background.

Buttons have transparent backgrounds and fill with the Dark Green Color when hover/clicked. 

Light Green is the color of icons/text links. The nav bar uses this color on hover to indicate page change too. 

The citrine color is for ‘CTA’ moments, but it isn’t really being used well. 

Sand sparing, but think it could be more prominent. For now, it’s most on the background section for suggested or related content, such as posts/products. 

Raleway 300 (light) | 44 px

Heading 1

Raleway 300 (light) | 36 px

Heading 2

Raleway 300 (light) | 28 px

Heading 3

Raleway 300 (light) | 28 px

Heading 4

Raleway 300 (light) | 16 px
Heading 5
Raleway 300 (light) | 12 px
Heading 6

Raleway 300 (light) | 14 px

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Buttons & Links

All buttons have a 5px border radius to give the rounded edge. 

Text links are formatted the same as body text and are light green in color to provided contrast for accessibility.

Here is an example. 


All images have a 5px border radius to give the rounded edge.