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Sustainable Holiday Ideas

Sustainable Holiday Ideas

How to use your old wrapping paper to make new decorations.

Sustainable Holiday Ideas

The holidays are all about giving. We show appreciation to our friends and neighbors and shower our family with the things they covet. It’s a beautiful time of year made special by lights, decorations, and special traditions.

The downside to all of this is the waste that is created. The key to combating it is to recycle as much as possible and use things that will biodegrade. You can make your own wreath using found pinecones, pussy willows, branches, leaves, or moss and finish with a used ribbon. Instead of buying new decorations, create your own from old wrapping paper.

Here are some holiday items and ideas that the earth will thank you for.

Cello Carton Sealing Tape
Green Glitter Tree Wrapping Paper
Sustainable Packaging Industries
GreenKraft Clamshells
Green Field Paper
Grow-A-Note® Oh Deer!
Good Start Packaging
Kraft Recycled Shopping Bag
Recycled Tissue Paper
Cream City Ribbon
Paper Ribbon
Cream City Ribbon
Cotton Curling Ribbon


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