Table Talk: Food x Fashion

Table Talk: Food x Fashion

Table Talk is a collaboration between SPUNJ founder Sarah Parlow and NextGenChef founder Justine Reichman to find sustainable solutions for both the Food and Fashion Industries. We invite guess speakers to talk about how we can make both industries more innovative, regenerative and transparent. For our first talk, Food x Fashion, we invited the founders of three companies to talk about how they take food by-products or food waste and turn it into something useable, wearable and beautiful. Find out about the panelists and see the link to watch the full interview below.

Over the past 20 years there has been a transformation in the way we eat toward using all natural, organic, farm-to-table ingredients. This trend now affects the fashion industry as consumers demand for an increase in transparency in the supply chain of sustainably made products.

Justine Reichman


NextGenChef is a group of food entrepreneurs supported by industry experts and a global network of mentors and resources. Founder Justine Reichman feeds members with the knowledge and tools they need to create concepts with purpose and succeed.

The Guests

Marci Zaroff

Marci Zaroff is an eco-lifestyle pioneer and the Founder and CEO of ECOfashion Corp. She is the author of ECOrenaissance a book about creating a stylish, sexy and sustainable world and creator of organic clothing brand YES AND, organic home textile brand Farm to Home, and an a la carte sustainable manufacturing solution Meta Wear.

Elizabeth Thomas James, left. Co-founder Jessica Taylor Mead, right.

Elizabeth Thomas James

Ethical luxury shoe brand Taylor + Thomas bridges conscious consumption with elevated taste. Female founders Elizabeth Thomas James and Jessica Taylor Mead are driven by a responsibility to the health of our planet and the people and animals who inhabit it. Their vegan shoe line emerges in an industry as forward-thinking as it is old world – dominated by male makers and practices out of sync with shifting priorities of thoughtfulness, sustainability, and innovation.

See full interview with Taylor + Thomas co-founders here.

David Lee

David Lee

David Lee is the co-founder and President of KD New York, maker of premium knits for dance, yoga and active fashion worn by dancers and celebrities worldwide. As a former dancer David and his partner Tricia Kaye created KD to bring a level of sophistication to dance wear that had not yet existed. KD’s designs have been featured in Italian Vogue, Elle, New York Times Magazine and worn by many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Baryshnikov.  In 2019 David launched an athleisure collection made exclusively from vegetable cashmere- a revolutionary all natural fabric created in part from the soybean plant.

The Talk

Table Talk with Justine Reichman + Sarah Parlow

Table Talk with Justine Reichman + Sarah Parlow Special Guests include Marci Zaroff Taylor + Thomas L.A. and David Lee#taylorandthomasla #KDNewYork #dwellorganically#wearethechange #nextgenchef #justinereichman #femalefounder #eatingrightisahumanright #sarahparlow #spunjsustainability

Posted by Justine Reichman on Wednesday, May 27, 2020


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