Table Talk with Justine + Sarah


SPUNJ founder Sarah Parlow and NextGenChef founder Justine Reichman spoke to fashion industry experts Divya Demato, Fatima Anwar and PC Chandra about Greenwashing- false claims that brands and companies make about their environmental impact.

The discussion focused around ways to verify sustainable practices, let you know what issues really matter and what questions to ask to make informed purchases. See link to the video below.

The Panel

Co-host Divya Demato is the CEO & Co-Founder of GoodOps, a sustainable supply chain consultancy that partners with companies to develop, accelerate and transform environmentally & socially responsible operations. Since 2003, Divya has worked around the world with iconic startups and Fortune 500s on their global sourcing, logistics & e-commerce strategies. She’s an Advisor to Rethink Food, Unreasonable Impact and NEXUS Global, and is the Chairwoman of ACCOUNTABLE.

Fatima Anwar is the Founder and CEO of Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing, a supply chain consultancy firm that connects apparel brands with sustainable and ethical manufacturers. She works with manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, and to source responsibly while helping brands streamline and improve their supply chains. A large part of her time is dedicated to advocacy to demystify sustainability and the supply chain, which lead to the creation of her podcast Straight From The Source – dedicated to apparel sourcing.

PC Chandra is a proven Fashion industry digital innovation and operations officer with more than a decade of consulting and in-industry experience focused on brand growth, product innovation, and end-to-end digital transformations. He has served in executive innovation roles at some of the Fashion industry’s most prominent brands: Macy’s Private Brands, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg. He authors the thought-leadership series “An Insider’s Guide to the Frontlines of Digital Fashion,” focused on how Fashion brands can better compete on trend, speed, and sustainability in a consumer-centric and digital marketplace. He was an industry first mover in Fashion sustainability, including serving on the advisory board of Alante Capital, a fund that invests in environmentally and socially sustainable solutions in Fashion with Eileen Fisher as an investor and chief advisor.

Table Talk with Justine + Sarah

Talking #greenwashing with Sarah Parlow, Founder Spunj Sustainability and Justine Reichman, Founder Next Gen Chef on Table Talk!#greenwashing #nextgenchef @sustainable #ethical #justinereichman #goodops #tabletalk

Posted by Justine Reichman on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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