The Most Sustainable Recycled Sneakers

Will’s Vegan Store

If I had to give an award for the most sustainable sneakers it would go to Will’s Vegan Store. They make mens and women’s sneakers from a plant based leather that comes from cereal. They use recycled rubber for their soles, recycled and recyclable paper for their packaging, fair trade practices for their workers and are carbon neutral because they invest in renewable energy projects such as wind, hydro, geothermal, solar and biomass to offset their carbon emissions.

The People’s Movement

A close second would be The People’s Movement. They take discarded plastic bags and up-cycle them into the fabric that is used to make their sneakers. On top of that they use natural dyes, water based glues, and support organizations like who reduce plastics through oceanic research, collaboration and action.

The Most Sustainable Recycled Sneakers
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