Consulting Services

We can help you identify industry specific ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), avoid greenwashing, and install processes to test and track progress over time. 

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Trying to figure out what material or ingredient is the most sustainable for your products? Which type of packaging or prcoess has the lowest impact? A Life Cycle Analysis can assess what uses the least amount of water, energy, and waste and generates the fewest emissions. 

GHG Inventory

Want to set a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal or just find out what your company’s total GHG emissions are? A GHG inventory of your companies internal and external processes (Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions) will identify areas to improve. We can offer strategies for reduction and the cost benefit of renewable energy adoption, waste reduction plans, and supplier engagement programs. 

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Corporate sustainability reporting is a great way to signal to investors, stakeholders, shareholders and customers your commitment to ESG practices and to show how your are managing climate-related risks. In the next few years, disclosure of climate-related risks and GHG emissions will be required for public companies by the SEC. 

Circular Solutions

Currently, our economy is based on a linear (take-make-waste) approach to manufacturing, which is largely responsible for climate change. We recommend circular solutions to businesses in any industry with certifications to ensure transparency and traceability. Solutions include rentals, resale, reverse logistics, digital tracking, circular design, and incentive programs which allow you to save money on virgin inputs and waste management while expanding your customer base.