About SPUNJ Sustainability Consulting

Discover best practices and avoid greenwashing

SPUNJ is named after the sea sponge – a small creature that has outsized benefits to the environment. Sea sponges provide services like filtering water and processing nutrients critical to the survival of other organisms all while being able to regenerate themselves and adapt to extreme ocean environments. 

At SPUNJ we too provide services and solutions for different industries to adapt and survive in a world increasingly impacted by climate change.  We sift through all of your processes (sourcing, production, manufacturing, sales, customer engagement, and more) to identify risk, areas for improvement and  solutions which will allow you to have the lowest possible impact on the environment and the best possible impact on your community. 

The Founder

Sarah Parlow

SPUNJ is the brain child of former fashion stylist, Sarah Parlow. During her career working with major brands and business leaders Sarah saw first hand the devastating effects of mass production and consumption. Most concerning was the increase in synthetic materials, the amount of waste generated from packaging and the disposability of everything being consumed. This became the impetus to get a Master’s Degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University and to help companies become more sustainable.

The Conscious Credos

When it comes to being sustainable in the fashion landscape, there is no single definition or methodology. We created the Conscious Credos because what might be relevant for one brand, product or consumer may not be relevant for the next.

Vegan Icon - SPUNJ Conscious Credo
Sustainable Material Icon - SPUNJ Conscious Credo
Sustainable Material
Supply Chain Traceability Icon - SPUNJ Conscious Credo
Supply Chain Transparency
Reversing Climate Change Icon - SPUNJ Conscious Credo
Reversing Climate Change
Respectful & Secure Work Environment Icon - Conscious Credo
Respectful & Secure Work Environment
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