Sustainable Wellness

Sustainability doesn't just apply to the environment, it applies to you, your body and your business.

Sustainable Wellness

In this TABLE TALK co-hosts Sarah Parlow and Justine Reichman sat down with three female leaders in the world of wellness to talk about how, in order to be a successful change maker, you have to maintain your own mental, emotional and physical equilibrium. Replenishing your internal resources is just as important as safeguarding our natural resources.

Donna Otmani

Lauren Abrami

Donna Otmani and Lauren Abrami are life coaches, recovering Wonder Women and creators of The Sacred Sustainable Practice– a 3 month program that teaches change makers how to work with their fears, develop a strong inner game, naturally talk to people about what they do and offer so that they can cultivate clients, and to develop their business. Donna and Lauren both worked at one of the leading women’s empowerment organizations- Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.

Binay Curtis

Binay Curtis is a nutritional therapy practitioner, fitness instructor and founder of Body by Binay. She has 25 years of experience in nutrition, health and wellness and a promoter of the concept of bio-individuality. Her clients include everyone from corporate executives, to moms and children with nutrition needs.




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Material Innovations

In this episode of TABLE TALK co-hosts Sarah Parlow and Justine Reichman sat down with Dr. Andrew Dent of Material ConneXion to discuss the latest sustainable material innovations in the fashion and food industries.

Women Exercising Power

For this Table Talk we spoke with three female entrepreneurs about their sustainable brands and the impact they are having on people and the planet.


This Table Talk with Justine + Sarah is a virtual round table discussion about greenwashing with fashion industry experts Divya Demato, Fatima Anwar and PC Chandra.

Food x Fashion

Over the past 20 years there has been a transformation in the way we eat toward using all natural, organic, farm-to-table ingredients. The same trend is now affecting the fashion industry with an increased demand for transparency, traceability and sustainably made products.


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